Single Serve Coffee (In Room Coffee)

With so many operations settling for brands you can find in the supermarket, high-quality in-room coffee isn’t always the norm. That’s a shame because authentic specialty coffee in your hotel room can be an exciting amenity.

So we created special pour-over pouches that do a better job of delivering the gourmet experience. Each pour-over pouch invites guests to enjoy freshly roasted, freshly ground small batch coffee at their leisure. It’s one of those little things that help add up to a memorable stay.

SV Thunderbolt (FTO)

A fairly delicious fair-trade organic

Our latest work of art was created to help you cater to millennials and others who value fair-trade and organic products. Much more than a label, SV Thunderbolt is a sleek, medium roast boasting notes of toasted almonds and a nice bramble fruit finish.

Origin:  Central America

Sober Pirate (decaf)

An eye-opening decaf for espresso or drip

Too often decaffeinated offerings are rife with compromise, but this is everything a great specialty coffee should be. We use only natural artisanal processes in creating our decaf and the result is a beautiful, full-bodied cup that can be served with gusto.

Origin: South America

Colombian Cocentral

A guest favorite elevated to new levels

We love Colombian coffees and our lighter roasted small batch offerings only enhances the appeal. We source Colombian coffees several times a year as we have the unique opportunity for multiple crops.  The Cauca Region boasts smooth-drinking, full-bodied coffees that delight the senses with lusty notes of caramel, chocolate and tropical fruit.

Origin: Colombia